Monday, March 12, 2007

My Birthmonth Girl!

Mikayla got this ever-so-adorable birthday

banner from her Aunt Laura!

Just wanted to share that this lovely Monday.

ps. Laura, I'm so thankful you made it safely there!

We REALLY enjoyed your visit.

Hey, come again soon;)


Christy said...

So cute!! I'm glad y'all had a nice visit.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow. :) And any other day this week... I'm available!

Emmie said...

May I kiss your hand for knowing when to use the ever-so-expressful dashes!

Cute kid you got there. Must take after Grandpa.

Thanks for your love and prayers!


I'm confused as to how you got the pic to work....

Grace said...

boy, that mikayla is so cute!! i wish i was there to give her a great big kiss. hopefully for her birthday though. what is she into? diapers or something? i know she likes paper and keys and real remotes. i think i can handle that. tell her i love her. kisses.

Anonymous said...

Happy almost birthday Mikayla, sure wish we could fly over for all the fun.

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

aww so cute!!

Laura said...


I want a copy of this picture.

the end.

we had such a fun time with y'all. thanks again for keeping us.