Thursday, March 08, 2007

A walk minus a sock

Mikayla and I had a fun walk today trotting around the neighborhood. Too bad we can't go to the park:( The whole time we were walking, I was concentrating on not losing my keys b/c Mikayla was playing with them. So, we had almost made it home when I realized she was no longer wearing socks. Oh well. They were getting too small anyway. She did have one tucked in beside her, to her credit.

Much to do today! We're expecting some lovely company soon. Today I get the privilege (SP?) of:

~catching up on laundry (I imagine if you read ANY woman's blog, the word laundry is sure to appear)
~cleaning house- PineSol, here we come
~taking care of my precious daugter (what a complete blessing!)

Yay! Fun day planned, as you can see. And Jody gets off @ 3. yippee!!
I'm off to have a bite (or 2) of lunch:)


Emmie said...

So glad Jody's off at a NORMAL time for a change! He's a dear. Enjoy your full day; good job on the walk. Oh well on the sock.... Thanks for all the fun stuff yesterday--you sure know how to treat a mum.

Christy said...

Don't forget to watch the "number 1 new show" tonight. lol

Hope y'all have a good weekend.. I'm off early tomorrow for shopping and Zen Moon. (or is it Moon Zen??) Wish you were coming. Oh well.

Love to Mikayla!

Laura said...

In Pampa, and can't wait to travel through Early on the way home. Caleb said, "I can't wait to see Mikayla on Friday" as we were driving yesterday. :o)

Had an awesome evening at your folks. What fun!