Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What a deal

Arriving at the pharmacy counter to pick up the prescribed cream for my face, the worker asked me if I'd like to pay for it at the front or right there. I said at the front. She said, that will be $83. Yikes! That particular cream was not covered by my insurance, so I told her no, I can't get that right now.

I called the dr and asked if he'd prescribe a cheaper alternative. And he did. I called and asked how much it would be- 60 cents. Yay!!! And it seems to be working. And that's a good thing.

My sister Grace is sick:( I feel so sad for her. She had a kidney stone and thinks that's over, but now she might have the flu. Poor girl. My mom went to be with her for a few days to help out. that's my mom for ya! Hope you feel much better soon, sweet sissy!!

Good night friends. Alas, I'm not able to post pictures on THIS computer either. Rats! I've tried several times. I just don't get it, but oh well.


Laura said...

oh grace---i know how awful kidney stones are!! hope you feel better soon!

lauradodson said...

poor grace. ouch. yay mommy, you go girl. hope all is well soon with her.

that happened to me this year...the med i needed for one of the boys was over $100. yikes! so i asked, and the doc gave him something else...much much cheaper. i wonder why they prescribe the exspensive stuff when there's a cheaper alternative? do they get money from the drug companies?

Grace said...

thanks for the well wishes everyone. y'all are so sweet:) mom was a big help. and it was horrible. i hesitate to say i'm feeling better, b/c every time i do, i end up with a big fever again, but at the moment, i think all is well. need to go do some grocery shopping and it will be a nice change to get away from a lot of whining. i mean a lot of it:) whew. call me sometime sarah:)

Amanda said...

yikes! kidney stones! yikes! $83!! good idea for getting that cheaper!