Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The much awaited appt

Well, I was finally able to get my face looked at about an hour after my appointed time. The dr basically said that I have acne and prescribed some mild cream for my face. I got complimented on my handwriting (thankyouverymuch); he said it looked like an engineer's. How nice. He had me give some blood to rule out lupus (I could do that without a blood test). And the giving of blood just plain HURT. An older nurse who took it asked me if I had arthritis. I told her, No, I'm just trying to find out about my face..." And she said, your face is pretty. That was super sweet and made my morning.

Is it so wrong to want to look nice for my husband??? Ok, I know it's not. But the longer I sat in the dr's office waiting for him to come him, the funnier/crazier it got. I'm here b/c my nose is peeling. And let me tell you- it was on its BEST behaviour today. I woke up and could barely see anything wrong. It comes and goes. Pretty frustrating, but it's part of life. I never want to complain. As Spurgeon so well puts it, "can a living man complain?"

HAPPY 29th Birthday, dearest Christy!! She's the mystery birthday girl. :)

While in the waiting room I was able to read my bible. I came away with the thought "his mercy endureth forever." and I'm so thankful it does:)


Laura said...

i think you have a pretty face too!

and i know what you mean...nothing is ever wrong like it was when you are at the doctor...why is that? oh well.

you are beautiful...inside and out. :)