Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The time has (almost) come!

I have an appt scheduled to get this face of mine seen. I'm quite anxious to see what the dr can do for me, if anything. I'll go tomorrow @ 8:45am. My friend Tina has so graciously agreed to watch the kiddos for me. And that's no small chore. She's got a super sweet attitude about it- what a blessing to me. SO, maybe tomorrow I can get some help- yippee!

I miss having my mom live so close. Now she lives VERY far away (well, sorta). I need new tires before I can go visit again. not fun. BUT, I do get more accomplished when I'm not running all over town. Supper has already been made:)

What's on the menu?

Chicken spaghetti
Grillin' beans
Green beans or corn

I have a friend who's joining me in the ranks of 29 years old tomorrow.. can you guess who?

After dinner, I think we'll head to the park for some walking and playing. Then it's back home to brownies and the Biggest Loser. All the excitement is too much for me:)


Shaunna said...

Let me know what the doctor tells you!! My face problems come and go. Last week was "Yay!" and blemish free, this week is "Ugh...they're back." *Sigh* Hope your appointment goes well!

PS- You have inpired me to go bake some brownies:) (I'm sure brownies will make my face clear up, right?? lol!)

Misty said...

Hey Sarah
How motivated you are to make brownies. Mike is gone and we are all still in Pj's, we may put on some shoes and go through some drive through to get a sweet treat. I feel way too yucky to get dressed to go to the store. I do miss the days and look foward to those days when I feel back to myself again. ENOUGH about me! Thank you for your post. love you

Grace said...

hey girl! you surprised me with a new post! i'm so excited for you about tomorrow. that tina is so sweet:) that is very nice of her. and it will be a little time away for you. a little quiet in the waiting room. nothing better than that:) well, i'm jealous about all the goodies you've made for the night. wish i could come over and share. or you share. i guess i wouldn't be the one sharing if it's yours:) call me sometime so i can actually tell you the story i called about.

Jamie Butts said...

I missed your birthday a few days ago. Well, I sort of missed it. It was on my calendar and I thought about you, but didn't write or call. So sorry! I love you and happy belated!

Laura said...

brownies and biggest loser...what a combo. ;)

laurad said...


giirrrrrrrrrrl. lemme tell ya.


hope your day was a happy one! wish we couldabeenthere for that weekend.