Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can I play favorites?

Laura's blog is my absolute favorite. I highly recommend visiting there. She's a godly, fun, creative, talented, homeschooling mom who has no interest for oatmeal. And a wonderful sister-in-law. Not to mention a super photographer. And unlike me, she posts very neat photos. :) So, check her out!


lauradodson said...

oh stop.

you're too kind!

and i do have a pretty nice sister-in-law, do you know her?

Grace said...

i do! all the time:) b/c you left her on my bookmarks, and i have been addicted ever since:)

laurad said...

way to go grace! i knew i liked you... ;o)

i kinda figured cuz my FEEDJIT tol'me so. i love that thingy.