Sunday, May 20, 2007

Week 7

Well, Jamie (and grace) are you ready??? This seems quite scary, but I think we can do it, right?? Here's the ever so helpful quote:

Your body has had some rest now and should be ready to move on. This week we are stepping up the training a bit. Don't be suprised if you find yourself struggling; it is meant to be tough, but you can do it!

Week 7

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2.5 mi
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 2.5 mi
Friday: rest
Weekend: one day rest; one day 3 mi

No excuses here, but I pulled (slightly) something in my calf muscle while playing tennis with my dad, my husband and my parents' new pastor last night. I ran my 1.5 this morning and REALLY noticed it. So, hopefully, the rest of today and resting tomorrow and most of Tuesday will put me back in "running" order. I really am enjoying running. It's great alone time, and it's so fulfilling (in a physical way).

AND, my mom bought me a running magazine!! That was fun to read. It had an article about the Comrade Marathon in Africa. 55 miles! It's a mega-marathon. and the time limit is 12 hours. Can you imagine that?? Running for 12 hours?? Right now I'm good for about 20-25 minutes of jogging. ANYway, THANKS, mom!! What a sweetie she is.

Did I mention that I love my family?? I do! Thanks for your music comments. Good night!


Jamie Butts said...

Thanks! Be careful. If you are still in pain on running days, take it easy. Walk when you need to! It's not worth messing something up in your body. I'm actually switching around my schedule and running M/W instead of T/Th, so I'll let you know how it goes. Love you!

Emmie said...

I love the mama of the baby! Yippee! Good morning, Principessa. Call me soon. Run, that ye might obtain.

Grace said...

yikes!!! that's the most scary schedule so far. especially since i'm so far behind. about the quitting the gym thing. chris, dean's boss, said today that he wants to start working out with dean and his girlfriend is looking for a workout partner. so i guess if it works out, we won't be cancelling any time soon. but how cool would it be to have a workout partner??? we'll see. i am catching up this week though. no more excuses. love you.

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Well careful and if your hurt theres no since in running well thats what I think and oh my gosh girl 3 miles are you crazy. well thats where we'll be at according to our coach and I'm not really looking forward to that but its all good though. and about the boyfriend your dad actually knows him I think cause he coached before well if not but his name is jacob langston.

Jamie Butts said...

Well, sort of. I think I ran 2.2 to be exact and power walked the rest. The last 1/2 mile was walk, jog, walk, jog. It was hot outside and part of it was uphill... eek. It felt good though. Now 3 miles later on this week... that kind of scares me...

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

ok. how about maybe running together next tuesday if you are and if I'm not doing anything.