Wednesday, May 16, 2007

M(ore) O(n) M(usic)

How's THAT for a subject?

I think there are 2 things to ask ourselves when listening to music (right now I'm talking about "Christian" music:

1) Does it glorify God?
2) Does it grieve God?

"God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship
him in spirit and in truth." ~John 4:24

If the song doesn't reflect truth, then how can we worship God through it? To find out if a song is truthful, compare it to the Word of God. If it goes against that, it can't bring glory to God. Right? I do try to be very careful of the music I allow myself to listen to.

As far as secular music, I also think we need to be very careful. I like plenty of songs that aren't "Christian." I make it a point, though, to listen carefully to the lyrics, and if it's offensive (vulgarity/blasphemous/etc.) I turn it off. Just like objectional movies, it's simply not worth it to have my spirit grieved and to know that I've grieved my Lord.

Anyway, any thoughts on these things? I want to hear.

I've been thinking about what Laura asked in a comment earlier -

"Is there any thing that is morally neutral? Or is everything we do categorized into the sin-section or the non-sin section?"

I'm not sure. I guess I DO think there are things that are "neutral." Let's look at the definition of sin. In 1 John 3:4, it tells us that "sin is the transgression of the law." Aren't there so many things we do that do not fall into that category? Boy, what a topic. Sure gets you thinking.

In other news, Jamie posted about prioritizing (sp??). It was so good that I VACUUMED my house (something I've been putting off for several uhmm... weeks? now). It looks much better, I must say. Thanks, Jamie!

One last thing. What would YOU do without your makeup bag?? Well,, Grace and family came and stayed for a night and for some reason, they took my makeup bag with them. With my face lotion, pluckers!, contacts, not to mention the makeup I wear sometimes. I'm not a big makeup fan, but I certainly do miss the option:( I've been having to put regular lotion on my face- yuck!- it's so greasy and feels like I'm putting sunscreen on. I'm hoping to get it back very soon.

That's all for now. I think my dad's coming over for lunch. yay! :)


Vivi said...

Sound like good priorities. What is it with stuff walking off? Sad. Please come see me tomorry! I need you!

lauradodson said...

I think there are morally neutral things. I'm not sure if music is one of those or not. I totally agree with you on the 'is it worth it statement'. But, unfortunately, if I were completely honest, I fail in this area so many times...more with movies than music. Jeff, whom I love dearly, is really no help either. We both seem to stumble here.I think I will ask him to read your post. Maybe we can talk about it, too. I think EVERYTHING that we allow our eyes to see, ears to hear, mind to think, words we use should bring glory to God. And mine don't.

and as far as make up. ick. and speaking of pluckers!, I need to get the ol' brows waxed. ick.

Jamie Butts said...

Thanks for praying for me this morning. Oh... and I ran 1.5 yesterday and it was surprisingly so fun. It was nice and cool outside, with a breeze and I jogged up to this main street called Frankfort. Dustin had timed it in his truck to find a 1.5 path for us awhile back. It was neat to jog around lots of people and jog by schools, churches, and shops. Today's a rest day... right?

Christy said...

J.C. Ryle said sin is doing, saying, thinking, or imagining anything that is not in perfect comformity with the mind and law of God. Pretty convicting and thought provoking!

Love you.

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

I agree with Christy.

Jamie Butts said...

Looking forward to the new running schedule for the week :)

Love to ya!