Monday, May 14, 2007

A VERY selfish post

I DID IT! I RAN TWO MILES TODAY. WITHOUT STOPPING. YAY!! I just HAD to share that. Sorry for all that yelling... It'd been about 8 years or so since I'd run 2 miles. Phew. My dad encouraged me to just take it slow and to breathe using my stomach. I guess I was doing it wrong all along. So, that really helped, I think.

I had a LOVELY day with Ali and family and even got to see Mary! What a treat indeed. My mom and I took some pictures and ate a lot of Ali's food. :) Very yummy. we had avocado egg rolls. How could you go wrong with that?? Very delicious. Oh yeah, I got to meet quite a delightful PRECIOUS new baby. sigh. I think my heart melted. (Ok, Grace, not literally (she's VERY picky about people using the word "literally" b/c it's often used incorrectly)). (I'm pretty sure I didn't do all those parentheses right, but that's ok, I'm sure)

So, thanks for the encouragement Reva, Jamie and Grace. Y'all are great. Yeah, you, too, Christy:)


Emmie said...

(The theme from "Rocky" is playing in the background....) Way to go, Princess! (Are princesses even supposed to RUN?) I am SO proud of you! That 4K will be so fun for you--you DO love a challenge. Enjoy for me. LUBS!

lauradodson said...

So is Rocky appropriate or acceptable?

giggle. I had to. Really I did.


WAY TO GO! YOU DID IT! YOU ARE MY HERO! There's some more yelling for you.

Jamie Butts said...

I am very VERY proud of you. Woohoo. Unfortunately, time constraints and school constraints and an allergy fit prevented me from running. I could NOT stop sneezing (and ear aches last night), so here's hoping. I really, really want to run today, and then get back on track this week. So proud of you. I love Rocky. by the way. My husband got me hooked.

Jamie Butts said...

So... I did it! 2 miles tonight. I thought I might die, but I survived. I'm back on track, I hope. Tomorrow may be tricky to fit it in time-wise, but I may try in the morning. Love you. Tata.

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

see sarah we told you you could do it all along. WAY TO GO!!!!.