Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well, Grace (without stopping) ran her 2.5. I guess all that slacking really paid off. Maybe I'll try that sometime. If I did that, I'd end up in a .25 mile run with extreme exhaustion. That girl. And the scale.... that's a whole other story. I AM proud of her though:)

Our Mikayla's not feeling too well:( I think she has (yet another) ear ache. (Don't you love how Blogger now automatically saves your drafts??) I called the dr this morning and we're due to be there @ 11am. So, I'd better go get ready for that. I'm thankful that she'll be able to be seen today.

Ps. Thanks, Laura, for my hubby's birthday wishes!
pps. Lord willing, we'll head out Friday afternoon (after my dad and hubby get off work)
pps. Thank, Jamie!


Jamie Butts said...

Way to go, Grace!!

Mary said...


Have a nice vacation. Wow, a vacation with the Risse's and the Dodson's some people get to have all of the fun!

Emmie said...

Tell them how you ran 8, walk/ran 1, ran the 10th! Way to go, Principessa!

sarahdodson said...

I DID, Pwe. You must not have read my OTHER post:) Thanks for you encouragement. You're the BEST!

Thanks for the bday wishes, Mary! It does seem like we do get to have all the fun. Why is that?? :)

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Aww, I hope she feels better soon. And way to go Grace and tell your husband I said happy Birthday.