Friday, May 11, 2007

Way overdue

Hello, people out there. What's everyone been up to?? It's definitely time for a new post, eh? It's almost Mother's Day. I like this holiday. We don't "do" many holidays, but we do like this one:) yay.

Tomorrow morning is the Birdwell's family photo session. I just get a tiny bit nervous- ha!- about the whole thing. We were going to shoot some photos @ a little gazebo in town, but I went there this morning and we would've had to swim to get there. Not worth it, so I moved to plan B. We're starting out at the park, then going downtown to to an old building. We decided this morning on black and white film. Yes, I still have a film (anyone remember those?) camera where you have to decide BEFOREhand what kind fo film to use. There are definite perks to having a digital camera, but I'm very thankful for my camera, and I mean to use it until they quit making film (which seems like it'll be in the next few months or so). SO, hopefully the whole shoot will go well and we'll get some good shots. WONDERFUL family:)

Running is going well for me. Yesterday my dad and I went together to the track and jogged around; afterwards we went to play tennis for a while. It was really a nice time and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. Hopefully my Joseph will want to play some tennis with me sometime. I'm pretty bad at it, but I do have fun.

AND, Grace is helping me with the photos this time. Usually it's my sweet mommy (and hubby) helping me, but my mom has to work the election (some excuse that is!). So, while I'll miss my sweet mommy, I'll enjoy Grace's assistance, while my hubby gets to sleep in.

Ok, I'm off to hard boil some eggs for tomorrow. Grace told me that once they start boiling it's 8 minutes. Does that sound right? Hope so!


Grace said...

i feel like a celebrity being mentioned on your blog and all. how exciting. i'm pretty sure the egg thing is about right. it works really well for us. can't wait for the picture session and brunch and the run and all. sorry i haven't kept up with our little running plan. that abby sure does throw me off. maybe i need to incorporate some extra awake time into her schedule so i can make it to the gym. it's just really hard to get ready with her screaming like crazy for her nap. and i don't like to hand her over to the workers knowing full well that she's not going to be happy. i'll figure something out. she should be walking within the next few months so i will be able to go in the spur of the moment. no excuses though. i'll work it out. love you.

Cole said...

well today I dusted and dusted and dusted trying to get that fine sheetrock film off EVERYTHING in my house. hahah its almost gone but I am already tierd. hahaha
my house smells much cleaner now. They wont be back till monday so I have a nice weekend without all that. :-D

Have A great mothers day!!!

Christy said...

Love you. Thanks for disinviting me to help you with the Birdwell photo session.. no, no, don't worry, I'll probably just go see Pirates with Chaz. It's ok. I hope you are enjoying "sharing" my frapp over there while I leave you loving comments.. LOVE. LOVE.


Emmie said...

Love that girl! Happy Mum's Day, sweet dotter. You are a beautiful momma, and that Miggy is CRAZY about you! LUBS!