Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving plans

I'm terribly excited about Thanksgiving this year. It's my favorite holiday. To me, it just makes the most sense. That, and my birthday, of course;) I love family being together, the cooler weather, good food, thankful hearts.. ahhhh...

This year we are planning on going to McKinney the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. There will be LOTS of people staying in Grace's new 5 bedroom/3 toilet house. Even Mike and Misty and fam will be coming all the way from South Dakota!!!! I really look forward to spending time with the everyone's children. Paul and Dan are also planning on being there. And my parents. Does it get any better than that?! AND we might be having a raw food "cook"off. I think Mike's going to just slice up some raw hot dogs. (I'd say that's cheating, wouldn't you?:)

Today Grace and I talked on the phone and came up with a menu for the time that we'll be there. Making a menu makes me excited, for some reason:)

Last year we spent Thanksgiving with Jody's side of the family and had a blast. I'd like very much to be with them again this year, but we've decided to go visit them in December when Jody has over 2 weeks off!! It'd be so nice to be in 2 places at one time, but I guess that's not an option. I do hope they have a most blessed time together.

So much to be thankful for: breath, life, babies, husband, strength, friends, salvation, parents, siblings, family, a home, food, pumpkin bread, raw chocolate, bananas.... I could go on and on. really, I could. Answered prayer. so much to list. we should be such a humble people.


Misty said...

I am very very excited about Thanksgiving. That is a TON of people at Grace's house, but what better house to have it at. There seems to be plenty of room and you cannot beat Grace and Dean's hospitality! love you

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

I hope ya have a great fun safe trip. I know the feeling and I'm hoping I'm not working that day so I could spend time with the family. (:)

Emmie said...

STOKED! Can't wait! Good description of the fun planned. NINE of my baby grands together! BLISS! (Not to mention PHOTO OP!)If only Jason would make it.... Love you!

laurad said...

:o( sniff sniff sniff

we'll certainly miss you all very much! enjoy.

and i think your mom likes the word stoked. dude. like totally.

A Garden Girl said...

I get excited about planning the menu too! Cooking with my Mom, sisters, grandma, and aunt is always lots of fun. Have a safe trip!