Saturday, November 15, 2008

A peaceful Saturday

First of all I'd like to say THANK YOU, ladies, for your bread suggestions. I will try them all and give you my opinion of the softest bread:).

Are YOU having a good weekend? I've having a most enjoyable one. The weather is pretty cool, but not compared to the temps in the north. (right, Misty?!)

Our 9 1/2 month old son got his first HAIRCUT today from our favorite barber BR. He did so well. I took a pictures with my phone, camera, and our camcorder. Phew! And I don't even have one to post. What's new, eh? He looks like SUCH A BIG BOY!! Oh, how I love him. sigh.

I'm teaching in Jonah 2 tomorrow. That's where one of the most wonderful verses in the Bible is found- "Salvation is of the Lord." (verse 9). How good, how true, how wonderful. Hope you have a most blessed Sunday.


Laura said...

BR cuts Clint and his boys hair too! :)

Emmie said...

Love that little booger! Praying for your SS. Call later! Lubs!

Misty said...

WOW Joseph got a haircut:) Luke has never had a professional hair cut, only the small trimmings he gets from me:) I am sure you will be able to tell when you see his hair Thanksgiving!

sarahdodson said...

That's neat, Laura! BR used to cut Jody's hair, but he started doing it himself b/c it's so easy (all one length). We like BR!

Emmie, who's the BOOGER? Thanks for your prayers.

Misty, from the pics I've seen, Luke's hair looks GREAT! I can't WAIT to see him Thanksgiving. YAYYYYYY!

blessingsandglory said...

First haircut at nine months already? Way to go little guy! I will always remember those "firsts" for our boys (and the many photos help too!)