Sunday, November 23, 2008

Are you game for a most profitable challenge?

I am! My mom told me this evening that she's taken the challenge to memorize Scripture sponsored by I'm very excited about this. When we hide God's Word in our hearts, it's never a wasted thing. Think about how often we (I!) waste our time. The Bible tells us to redeem the time because the days are evil. I know this will be so good for me, and if you take the challenge- for YOU, too! I challenge you to take the time to memorize Scripture even if it's not in this particular way- it's an extremely profitable use of your time and energies. It's amazing to me how the Lord brings to my heart/mind verses I've memorized at such perfect times in my life. Click here to get started!


Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

oh cool that sounds awesome. I lov memorizing scriputure. I'ma gona chck that out. (:)

Emmie said...

Way to promote, Sa! TOMORROW! YAY! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Love you.

laurad said...

Oh I like Challies. They went on the Compassion Intl blogging trip.