Saturday, January 24, 2009

very relaxing Saturday

I just got a nap taken. Can you believe it? My precious Joseph put Mikayla down, then told me to go to bed while he stayed up with the little guy. I enjoy getting a nap, which sometimes proves to be a rarity around here. This morning I went into Mikayla's room and kinda snuggled with her and she said this- You're my most speeeeecial woman. She then proceeded to take my hand and give it one of the sweetest kisses I've ever had. sigh.

We had rock hard lima beans and ravioli for lunch. If beans come from a can, they should be SOFT, right? Well, not these. Jody said I should've cooked them longer. I told him if they're from a can, I should not have to worry about cooking them at all! Anyway, they were not much of a hit, needless to say.

My mom came over Friday and absolutely showered me with gifts for no reason whatsoever! Well, other than the fact that she loves me much. From socks for both kiddos, to a Schwan's pizza and cards... and lots of things in-between (like an address book). Yay!!! We enjoy her visits so much. Thanks, ma! Plus, she introduced me to a new game and beat me like 10 times out of 11. I won ONCE! Hey, that's not too shabby considering my competition.

Joseph turns the big 1 on Thursday. We'll have a tiny family celebration and give him the gifts from us. Then Saturday we'll be having the big birthday bash complete with pizza, salad and cupcakes. We (I) decided to wait off on Max and Ruby and do it for Mikayla's birthday. So we're just doing a big boy theme; you've heard of that, right?

My upcoming week is loaded with activities and I'm looking forward to it. But, I want to be careful not to lose sight of focus and priorities at this time. I want to be just as faithful in my quiet times with the Lord.

Hope YOU are having a good Saturday. Jody felt like it was his turn for a nap, so he's off to napland. Well, good for him;-). I'm off to check the mail. Did you write me, Grace??


Misty said...

Happy to hear you had a good nap! Mike is very kind to let me take naps very often!

About Max and Ruby.... My kids did not know who they were until Thanksgiving where they must have been the big hit on the TV upstairs. So now we have a couple Max and Ruby DVD's and they girls love them, especially Naomi:)

Vivian, aka PeeWee said...

Love you, Principessa! That Joseph the Elder is a jewel. Hang on to him!