Monday, January 12, 2009

Our trip to Winters

Here we all are in our hoodies. It was way

too cold outside- the wind was ferocious. So,

my mom took some pics inside. Mikayla did NOT

cooperate, but hey, it was fun. kinda.

I guess Mikayla was kinda posing here with her

hair all in her face. What a girl! Love those


Here's my toothy boy. I'm so in love with

him it's not even funny. He's almost ONE!

Shhh... Don't tell, but we're having a suprise Max and Ruby

birthday party for him. I've always wanted to do that:

surprise a one year old. ;)

We had a super fun/relaxing visit with my parents.

They are great and so enjoyable to be around.

Hopefully we'll have many more visits to Winters-

the home of the might Blizzards!

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Grace said...

yay!!!! some really cute pictures! how fun is that? i didn't want to tell you, but i think i accidentally said something about the party in front of joseph. i'm so sorry:( i hope he didn't hear all off it or the surprise will be off. i really hope i can come, but it keeps seeming like i'm not going to get to. things just keep coming up:( we'll see though. so miggy sure is a poser. and a cute one at that. our little sixteen year old prom girl with her beautifully swept-to-the-side hair. and i love the family pic. even mikayla's tongue:P love you!!! call me sometime.

Heather said...

I like your hoodies. And from the previous posts....good idea about the handwritten letter. They are so fun to give and receive! Much better than bills for sure.

Anonymous said...

aw! what great pictures! love the little boy, what a cutie. :o) and to think...he's my nephew! I like how M's hair is all in her face.

Vivian Risse said...

We really ARE the BLIZZARDS, not "might" Blizzards. (Couldn't resist.) "A good time was had by all." Amen. Come more often. I miss you! Thanks for your sweet hospitality!

sarahdodson said...

Grace, you're too sweet. You'd better come to the party. What party is it without Aunt Grace?? A dull one for sure. Even if it IS Max and Ruby.

Thanks, Heather! :)

Laura, you're great!

Mom. GRRRRRRRrrr. I love you though. ;)

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

aww how beautiful I love ya and miss ya. (:)