Thursday, January 01, 2009

Second Tuesdays

It's been AGES since I've posted. Sorry, guys. I'm back though.

We had a WONDERFUL visit with my inlaws in Louisiana. They are just precious. They treated us like royalty - they showered us with an enormous amount of love and hospitality. We totally enjoyed ourselves. Our Joseph was not feeling well much of the time and didn't sleep well at all. Neither did we. Mikayla had such a nice time with her grandma and grandpa. How fun it was to watch them spend time together. And Joseph got 3 new teeth while we were there. unreal. I think that was partly why he wasn't feeling too hot.

17 and Counting. Jean and I watched the marathon of the show. What an admirable family, for sure! Afterwards I told Jean, I feel inspired. TO HAVE 17 CHILDREN? Not exactly...

Back to the subject: Second Tuesdays

After discussing this with my husband, I think I'm going to try something. On the 2nd Tuesday of each month I'd like to have mommies and their children over for:

  • a bible study

  • singing

  • a memory verse

  • a craft

  • lunch

I'm excited about it. Wanna come?? Hope so!! You're invited:)


Ems said...

Maybe I can k*dnap a kid off the streets so I can come! I love the idea. And I love you.

lauradodson said...

huh? i wanna. but i don't got no littles. yet. :o) coming soon from an african country near you!

Leila said...

I do want to come!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

glad ya had fun and i love your idea of second tuesdays. (:)

Grace said...

well, you already know i want to come, but that doesn't necessarily mean i get to. maybe an occasional one. i tried to "yo yo, girl" you, but you didn't respond. thanks for the email. call me any time today. seems like when jody's off, i don't get many phone calls from you:( i know, you have company. yada yada yada. love you! you're cute!

Mary said...

What about mom's with grown kids? or grandkids? I'm with Ems...i can kidnap one if needed.

Bet you did not know I was still lurking. Think of you often. Thrills me to know you are so very happy with your hubby. Someone once said "she might as well be"