Thursday, January 29, 2009

In the scheme of things...

Do you ever just want to quietly pull out all your hair or something crazy like that? Yeah, me neither. As you know, today my sweet boy turned 1. For his birthday, I documented the WHOLE day in pictures. I was planning on putting a book together for him tomorrow for his birthday present. I probably took about 200 or so and narrowed it down to about 70 or so. From his first few moments as a 1 year old, to his fruit salad for breakfast, him playing with his sister, him spending time with Daddy once he got home, a family pic taken with the timer, then it's BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION time with cupcakes, candle and gifts, his birthday haircut this evening, and finally him lying in Kaba's bed drinking his last bottle of the day. How fun to capture it all on memory card. right? sure.

After putting Joseph to bed, I came across an old camera. (There IS a point to this story, and it's about to get really ugly) While sitting in Mikayla's room with her, I played with it a little and tried my good batteries in it. It worked! So, I tried my memory card in it. It didn't work. Oh well. No biggie there. Then I put my GOOD memory card BACK in my camera and alas, all the pics on it were gone. Did you hear that right? GONE. And, the memory card is no good any more.

This makes me pretty sad. I know it's really NOT a big deal. I really know that. I kinda wish it didn't happen. I'm sure you know what I mean.

What makes me happy though is all the wonderful birthday wishes for our little guy. If he could read, he would've LOVED it! Y'all are super sweet gals. :)

In the whole scheme of things I realize this whole fiasco is very minor. I mean, how often does your son turn one?

ps. There was the CUTEST picture of Joseph getting really close to his cupcake and just staring at it. You'll just have to take my word for it...


Prediger said...

Ahh, sorry to hear that sister. But, I am sure those memories will long be in your mind, and besides, with such beautiful kids, there will be many, many more pictures. God bless and greetings on the entire family.

Shaunna said...

Awww! That would make me really sad too!!

Glad Joseph had a great 1st birthday...Even if there are no pictures:(

Emmie said...

Call me! I love you!

lauradodson said...

Sarah! How'd that happen?!?! Ok, you are being all mature and everything, but I am inwardly freaking OUT. I've never ever heard of that happening... I am so so sorry.

I can sorta feel your pain as I had my camera die in Paris last summer and just was so sad. Thankfully, I still had my mom's photos and the use of her camera. But a first b-day is quite a bit different than a trip.

Did anyone else take pics?

You can journal about the day and describe all those sweet moments.

:o( I'm so sorry.

Misty said...

If you put that memory card in your computer will the pics show up? Something like that happened to me once. They would not show up on the camera but they would on the card??? love you

Misty said...

I mean on the computer.