Friday, September 18, 2009

If you know the Lord...

"If you know the Lord, you know the greatest thing mortal man can know".

-Bro. Bill Dodd (my pastor)

How true it is!! Today it has been 13 years since the Lord Jesus Christ was merciful in saving my soul. How VERY grateful I am for that. Thirteen years later, I love my Lord and Saviour more and yearn to live a life pleasing to Him. I've seen how the things the world has to offer so pales in comparison to life in Christ. Truly it does!
Thank you, Lord, for my salvation. For reaching down and having compassion on my desperate, sinful life. For being faithful and continuing to provide for me in so many ways. For loving me and forgiving me when I fail so often. For being my rock and strong tower. For eternal life!
Blessed be the Lord,
who daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation. Selah
~Psalm 68:19


Adoption Mama said...

Sarah, It is a privilege to call God, Heavenly Father! What do people do in this world without him? I am praising Him with you.

Her blessed mother said...

Happiest of rebirth-days to you! Now begin the teen years, Round 2!

Christy said...

Love you, my sweet friend!! Thanks for being such an example to me over the years. :)