Wednesday, September 30, 2009

it finally happened

Joseph (20 months) finally caught up to his sister Mikayla (3 1/2)in the weight department. They are officially tied. Is that CrAZy?? Today I put them both on the scale and they weighed in at a whopping 31.8 pounds. wow. I'm sure Joseph will pass her up in no time. He eats plenty more in a typical day than she does. I love my babies!!


Christy said...

We love Biggie!!!

Grace said...

that is hilarious!! i picture him standing on the scale, oblivious to your shock, thinking he's just standing on a really short stool :) oh to be young and carefree about the scale. he doesn't care if he gains 2 lbs a week like we girls do. can't wait to pick the big boy up and give him a good, strong hug! congrats on your growth, big nephew!!!

His Emmie said...

Bubs, you write the cutest comments! Can't wait to see you!

Way to go, Big 'un! He is a screeching joy, isn't he?

Love to all!

Heather said...

WOW. I can't wait until Caleb gets to be 20 pounds. Who knows maybe the next one will pass him up.

Anonymous said...

wow that is crazy, I think Luke is 25