Sunday, September 27, 2009

Folks, we have a prediction

A dear lady at church today asked me what I thought I was having. I told her I thought a girl. She nodded and said she agreed because, " your bobo (sp??) is bigger." So, her guess is a girl. What can we learn?

A bigger "bobo" = a girl
A smaller "bobo" = a boy

There you have it ;o)


Emmie said...

I am speechless.

laurad said...

love it.

when i was pregnant with Caleb, several other friends were expecting as well. We all did this ring on a string trick over our bellies to predict what we would have. ??? Not sure where people come up with these sorts of things.

Good thing the Lord already knows.

Misty said...

only the Lord knows, maybe girl though:)