Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2nd best

I'm 29 weeks pregnant today and just felt the baby move ;o) I had a 3-d ultrasound done yesterday, but alas, I have no pics to prove it. Something went amiss :o( But, as Misty requested I took a pic of my belly about an hour ago. So, that's almost as good, right? I know it's not. oh well. Thank the Lord, the baby seems to be growing and doing great! Of course that makes me happy.

Jody broke out his old GI Joes yesterday for Joseph. All we had were a bunch of girls and princesses. I guess the guys in this house had had enough of that!

What a storm last night. The sky was gorgeous!! But, the storm did some damage to our swing set and our fence.

Happy Fall!!! This weather makes me extraordinarily happy. :o)

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Mom said...

Have the princesses met the GIs? If they get married, they get free medical the rest of their lives.

The clouds reminded me of your baby belly! Cute....

Loved the 3-D sonogram yesterday. Thanks for letting me be there!

Soak up the weather! More on the way.

Emily said...

Love the belly pic! So cute. :)

Grace said...

i love that collage!!! it's funny b/c it looks like the towel is a separate picture, which is super artsy. :) your belly looks cute, cinderella looks dirty, ian will be so happy about the new boy toys, and doesn't your swing set always get the brunt of the storms :( sad to see. miss you!

Christy said...

Johnny said the same thing, Grace, about the swing set always getting the worst of the storms!

Can't wait to cinnamon roll it with you tomorrow, Sarah!! And tell Kaba I can't wait to paper hat it with her! I'm stoked.

Love the baby and the belly!!

And so glad Joseph has some boy toys. :)

Misty said...

THANKS!!! Sarah I love your pregnant belly:) love you
oh when I see you, just think of how cute your belly will be then:)