Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What are YOU reading?

While getting our house ready for our (non)showing tomorrow, I was straightening up our nightstands and thought, hmmm, I wonder what others are reading...

Here's what we're reading:

When Sinners Say "I do"-Dave Harvey (I think; my mom borrowed it today)

I actually just finished this one. Excellent reading. It was a gift from Aunt Laura and Uncle Jeff. One quote I loved in it- "Til sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet." SUPER

Morning and Evening- Charles Spurgeon

If you do not have this book, get it as soon as possible. It's loaded with such good, relevant, encouraging, enlightening, applicable truths. I write in it like a diary. It's so good.

The Bible

You have one; read it! If not, I'll get you one:)

When People are big and God is small- Edward T. Welch

I've only read bits and pieces, but so far, so good. Another gift from AL and UJ

The New Strong-willed Child- Dobson



Parenting is not for Cowards- Dobson

Hmmm.... again. ;)

What's on your nightstand?

Any books you recommend??

Please let me know!


Emmie said...

What a pretty blog! hehe (At least you're still talking to me!) I'll answer this later. Lubs!

Renee said...

On my nightstand:
The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlam--fantastic action thriller.
The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis--teaching it in literature right now.
That's about it right now.

Misty said...

Oh Sarah how I love this blog as I love good books:) As far as the James Dobson books go I have not read them, I do know about the other ones you listed. I think I gave you Sheparding a Child's Heart and Withhold Not Correction, they are good. I am reading Uncommon Vessels and Love to Eat, Hate to Eat(breaking the condage of destructive eating habits). Anna and I have been reading through The Biblical Truths for Little Children set which is great, we have been doing this for several several months and are in the 3rd book of 5. The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment is one of my favorites. Now if you want to listen to some good CD's Vision Forum has blessed me so much. Call me sometime, love you.

Misty said...

Excuse my spelling I proof read after I publish, not a good idea:)

Mrs. Walker said...

I'm reading through the book of Acts right now. I'm also getting into The Five Languages of Love. Hummm, there's a Robert Jordan book somewhere lying around, but I rarely pick it up. At this point in my life, I'm hoping to just be consistent with reading the Scriptures! I'm finding that my morning nursing time is also a great time for quiet reading.
I also just bought a few Bible storied adapted for children. I'm hoping to start reading them with Ryan as soon as he's back from this week with Aunt Erin. Fun times!!!

laurad said...

got another good one for ya but our book table at church is out of them. i'll get you one when they refresh their supply.

still plugging away with When Sinners Say I Do, and my trusty Bible, and Respectable Sins (the one I'll send ya), and Artful Blogging, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which at this point (even though its a classic) I'm not sure I like at all!!! It may, in fact, be going to the heap. Maybe I'm getting extra picky in my older years.


Renee said...

Not really. I have had some leeway this year since there were more books in the curriculum than we could cover. The year I taught a World and an English lit homeschool co-op, i did get to choose, though. That was neat. I'd like to organize my notes, etc. into a homeschool lit guide/curriculum at some point. I'm not terribly impressed with most of them out there. And the good ones (like the ones done by King's Meadow/George Grant) are very expensive.