Thursday, April 03, 2008

Starting potty training

First of all, thank you all for your sweet comments on my previous post. I really enjoy taking pictures of people. Esp. Grace and family:-).

Mikayla is wearing pant**s for the first time today. I told myself that once little Joseph starts sleeping through the night that I'd start her training. Thankfully, Joseph has had 3 nights in a row that he's gone 7-8 hours between feedings. It's been SO nice to get some rest. awww. Hopefully I will have the patience required for the process. I can just see it getting really frustrating really fast. I'll keep you updated. After all, she is TWO (wow!) and I think she's ready- finally.

We're in the process of trying to sell our house. And what a process it is. We're wanting to get a larger home to house our growing family. It's a funny feeling to have a For Sale sign in our front lawn and to have people come look at it. We know that whatever happens, the Lord will provide for us.

Joseph had his 2 month appt yesterday and got his shots:( talk about breaking a mommy's heart. He did great, though. He weighs over 13 pounds now and has grown 4 inches. Yes, we have a big boy. And I love it!

Our 3rd photography class is tonight. They are so much fun, especially when taking it with my mommy:))) Speaking of her, she gave me a $30 gift card to get me started with my CVS shopping. (Lookout, Rebekah! :) I had a "fun" first go of it. I got very confused and had to cancel an order and then do it right. Phew! (Ok, now she's in a pull-up; you can imagine what just happened. Oh, the joys of motherhood! :) My husband was so impressed with my good deals. I felt like taking a picture of all my goodies sitting on my table, but alas, you know how it is with me and pictures. But, I did get lots of deodorant, lots of body wash and lots of wipes. YAY! :)

Hope you all have a most wonderful week. The Lord has made this day and what a beautiful one it is!


A Blessed Church Member said...

CVS is fun with you! I love you like crazy. What a great photographer you are! And I get to take a class with you. Forget the pullups; get bigger real underwear, and persevere--she probably won't go to kindergarten in diapers. And get some F*brez*!

Renee said...

I have two words for potty training:
Oi Vey.
As I recall from the younger sibling experience, Mom did big girl/boy undies during the day, and pull-ups at night (there's only such much sheet-washing time....haha)

Grace said...

oh, potty training is so fun. let me know if you think of any tips for abby. she's going to be a handful with it. i'm jealous about your photog class. wish i could take it with you. aren't you about to graduate by now? thanks for calling my twice a day. i love it. love you.

Misty said...

Yes I have no potty training advice to offer considering Anna was 3 and Sarah L. Trained her:) Let Sarah train Mikayla maybe, she is a good little cheerleader for that:) Little Joseph is sure growing, Luke was almost 17 lbs at his appt this week. Love you

Zololkis said...
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Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

oh the potty training. good luck with that. (:)

Fenridal said...

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