Sunday, April 27, 2008

A good weekend

Hi, Grace. Bye, Grace. Yep, that's what it felt like this weekend. I saw Grace and fam for a few moments, then they were right back in McKinney. Hey, no fair! I AM thankful that they came for a visit, and the time spent with them was very nice;)

We got RAIN. I love to see the rain and what it does to the dry earth. It's beautiful! :)

I called 911 for the first time on Saturday. We were on our way to...guess!..Wal-Mart. yes. And across from Cousins in Early a man on a motorcycle was taking a right into Allsups and kinda caught the curb in a weird way and slowly fell over. Very strange. It seemed like it happened in slow motion. I called 911- it works!- and they assured me that help was on the way. The guy, thank the Lord, ended up being just fine. He just couldn't remember what happened. Jody helped, and I was so proud of him.

Our realtor called today and asked if we could show our house in THIRTY minutes. Um, no. Especially not on a Sunday when it's SOOO chaotic and crazy. Outfits, diapers, dishes, burp cloths EVERYwhere. We just try to get out the door on time for church. Phew!

My son is crying. Why is this happening to me??! Just kidding. The dogs on our street have decided to join him. rats.

How was YOUR weekend?? Hope it was a good one.

ps. "God is not looking for extra-ordinary men for ordinary work, but ordinary men for extra-ordinary work." (thought that was a good quote)

pps. speaking of realty, I love when you read that there's a nice house in a "quite neighborhood"


Grace said...

how awful was that that we didn't get to see each other but for four hours. boo:( i guess it just works out better when you come up here. we'll have to figure that out soon. sorry about the crazy potty thing at church yesterday. i've always been a fan of the diaper. gotta go get ian ready for school. call me some time. love you.

Jamie Butts said...

Hey friend!
Thanks for the note and Boxtops. I'll put them to immediate use. We may not win, but at least it raises money for the school and we're holding our own in the contest. :)
I appreciate it. I'll have my kids write a thank-you note.
Love ya!

Misty said...

How exciting that the Lord may provide a bigger house for you guys. And I know what you mean by Sunday mornings, they are SO crazy!! And Jody you sure do come in handy for emergencies! Love to your dear family who I wish I could see all the time and chat with you all day long:) Love you!

Emmie said...

Hello, loved one! Don't feel bad--I barely got to see Grace! Gotta love those Ledbetters. See you later, Gator!