Friday, April 11, 2008

Abby has officially stolen the spotlight

Yikes! It's been too long since I've posted and WAY too long since I've had a good nap. I plan to do both very soon.

So, we've been working on potty training with Mikayla. Not the funnest thing on earth. I have a book called Potty training in a day or less. I'll take the less. Is that an option? They tell you to get a doll that pees and pour water into it, then Mikayla can watch the doll empty her liquid into the potty. Sounds great on paper. Then you're supposed to give them cokes (!), and juices and such- beverages that they like- and stay by the pot all day long. Phew! I just don't have that kind of time. Oh well.

Anyway, Abby, Mikayla's cousin who is 4 months younger than Mikayla, is going potty like crazy in the big girl potty. She always! has to be better than my daughter. Just kidding, of course. Abby is SUCH a sweet girl and is liking the new pant''s we brought for her on our trip to McKinney.

Get this, Grace. Mikayla is now sleeping in her BIG GIRL BED. Top that! ;)

ps. NOW I'm ready for that nap!


Misty said...

Does there always have to be compitition in this family:) only kidding! love you

Grace said...

hope your nap was wonderful. i'm guessing it wasn't though. i won't call you.

hey, misty. we're not competitive! well, maybe a little. we get it from the boys.

abby's not trying to show off. she's just never too busy to go potty. seriously, she's never doing anything. and i'm sure miggy will be officially potty trained before abby. i feel like she too has a competitive streak in her.

love you.

Heather said...

Potty training is something I am not looking forward to...I still have a ways to go though. I'm sure she will get the hang of it soon!

Christy said...

Now, I know that you specifically told me "no comments please" but I've always been a rebel. And I'm wearing DETROIT and it's pretty easy to be a rebel when you're wearing DETROIT. Anyhoo, can't wait to see you in a minute for the big photo shoot! Nothing says rebel like abandoned building settings and DETROIT. Watch out, Reva... it' not gonna be all about you, you know. I have my own agenda. ;) Lovies!

I happily volunteer to potty train Mikayla in a day or less... bring her over and we'll sit in my bathroom alll day long. I just bought Dr Peppers, as they were three for $10 at Kroger........

And Gracie... I found a book called "Guess who, Abby!" and I just had to buy it for.. who else? Abby!!! I do love that girl. Especially when she tells me, "still dry". So cute!! Can't wait for summer road trips to McKinney. I'm not getting left out next time.

And one more thing.. I'm so mad at Sarah because she didn't wait for me to do CVS shopping! I need Swiffer stuff!!! Grrrrrr.

:) :) :)

A Blessed Church Member said...

Misty, You are learning all about the Risse competitiveness. Ready, set, PEEPS! Abby won! Truly we have a strange family.... Go, Abs!
Grace even had to do the "sitting turkey" or whatever that pose is called from yoga better than Sarah! GRR! along with CC!