Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Vera Wang mattress

What is that all about?? A new Serta Vera Wang mattress. Hmmm.. I'm sure it's well worth the added cost, just to have her name on it.

AND what's with Cinderella 3? Just when you think the story is over, they add an extra "element." I don't get it. I'm glad they've not done that with Beauty and the Beast (or have they?)- the very best Disney movie. I mean, what more can be said?!

Enough of that. I had a special day with my sweet family. We even got out (yes, outside!) and took a family walk. Mikayla is hilarious when we take walks with her. She's SO sober looking and then we'll get in front of her and say HI! and smile and she'll give a huge smile. Then it's back to the walk and the sober look. It's great. Makes me smile just thinking about it. :)

And I got to watch my friend Reva play in a basketball game. I think it was her last game of the season; I'm so proud of my friend:) And she SCORED. More than once! Gooo.... Reva!

Then my parents had me over for a yummy dinner of pork chops, mashed taters and corn. And delicious hot chocolate with a little ice cream in it. Very good! It might not seem like it goes together, but believe me (and my mom and dad!) it's good.And it cools it off quite nicely. Especially when it's boiling. THANKS, MA!

And tell me this one thing. Why is it easier to blog than clean our bathroom?? Unreal. Well, it's almost time for my lovebug to come home. Now THAT'S when the fun starts. :) I guess when we go to bed, we'll have to settle for our back beauty mattress, which works out perfectly well for us!


Emmie said...

We DID have a great time last night, even if you couldn't beat the Papa in Scrabble! I thought I was reading the wrong blog when I started; how confusing. Miggy IS cute when we walk. Thanks for making the good taters and corn! I love you and yours.

Grace said...

man sarah. someone is on the ball about posting. good job. and how much did you say that vera wang mattress was? maybe dean and i can budget for it. i think it's really mean when you talk about your outings with mom and dad. i feel so left out. i tried to move closer, but i might as well be in san antonio:( it's like it doesn't even matter about our efforts to move back:( oh well. i guess we'll have to start looking for an autumn dr address. this is sad. thanks again for the post. love you.

Misty said...

Congratulations on your new mattress, must be nice! I agree with Grace, how much was this mattress??? Guessing we could budget for that too:) I am KIDDING!!! Hope you start feeling better soon. I too am a bit sickly in the afternoons, however it does not keep me from eating. I find that when I have something small to eat, it helps out somewhat.
love you
dont forget to let me know about that big dr's appt friday!!

PWe said...

Got to thinking about that mattress.... What does one do when one has company--leave the bed almost-made, so the Vera Wang name can be read clearly? Drop it into a conversation when you have overnight company? ("By the way, that Vera Wang is always giving us cute little things--check out the mattress you're sleeping on tonight, for example.") Subtle. Weird. WHO WOULD KNOW?

Laura said...

about the mattress...i saw this commercial with Vera telling how excited she was to design a mattress, and that it should be stylish as well as comfortable. my first thought was, "WHO is EVER going to SEE the thing? It's always covered up?!!?" ;o) and that cinderella 3, please.

sarahdodson said...

Y'all are a hoot! Misty, no we didn't buy one. It's funny; we have a back beauty mattress and we always thought it said black beauty (b/c it's black). Anyway, we discovered later the truth. We had a good laugh.

And yes, who WOULD see it?? Good point, Pwe and Laura! :)