Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jada Dodson

That's the name we've given to our baby. I love it. In Hebrew it means "He knows." No middle name, just Jada. Somehow naming our baby was bittersweet (mosty just sweet). My mom gave us the suggestion and we both loved it. It can be a boy or girl name, which is really neat, we thought.

Thank you all for your love and prayers. Today went better than I could've imagined. I got to the hospital @ 6:15 and left around 10:45. The nurses were great, actuall pretty comical at times, and Dr. Neel was fantastic. I remember NOTHING, praise the LORD! I don't say that lightly. I'm extremely grateful for that. Other than a few mild cramps, I feel really good.

It's been a good day of closure; a day to be thankful for the opportunity to be blessed with a second pregnancy. Our hearts have already begun healing. The Lord is good to us. Another blessing is that the Lord's blessed me with very good sleep. How could I ask for more? And my husband has taken the whole week off:)

It was pretty sad this morning. I told Grace that I needed her here to fix my hair the same way she fixed it when I had Mikayla. but Jody did it for me (pigtails). (Grace and family might be coming this weekend for a short visit- yay!) And Jody wore the same outfit he wore when our first was born. Also bittersweet.

The Lord HAS given peace and great comfort. Before we left the hospital one of the nurses asked if we needed a grievance counselor. I politely declined, but I should've told her that I've already been helped( and will continue to be helped) by The Couselor- my precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Hope you are all doing well. Much Love.


Grace said...

sarah, it's been so neat to see you writing about this. i feel comfortable talking to you about it, which i didn't know if that's the way it would go. i love jada and i love the name. thanks for keeping everyone updated and i'm so happy jody is off for the week. can't wait to see you this weekend. love you.

Emmie said...

I loved Jada Dodson. And s/he will be loved forever. Thank you, Lord, for our dear baby. We will cherish the memory. I love the Dodsons.

Rebekah said...

Love you, Sarah! Jada is a beautiful name...a great way to remember this little one.
May the Lord continue to strengthen and bless you as you heal.

Laura said...

what a wonderful name.

and your Jody sure is a sweetie.

Christy said...

Thanks for all the good talks this week; I'm with Grace, I feel comfortable talking to you about this and I'm glad because at first I didn't know. But you're the best best friend ever and I love you more than I could say! Love Jody, Mikayla, Mingus, and Jada too. Thanks for the call last night and letting me practice my memory verse. Can't wait to see you and give Mikayla 11 kisses. LOVE you.

Misty said...

What a beautiful name for such a precious baby, I think it is just perfect! Like your mom said, we will always love and remember your baby.

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Love it. You've been on our minds. We're praying for you. Jada is a great name for your baby. May the Lord continue to be your strength and ROCK

Kelli Bragdon said...

Thank you for sharing your heart and this journey. I am pregnant now and for various reasons have not been able to visit the doctor yet. I am now 13 weeks. Your honesty touched my heart and I am hurting for you dear sister in Christ. I am strengthened by your constant love for Christ and your recognition of His perfect plan. My prayers are with you. May the life of Jada Dodson, no matter how short, bring perfect glory to the God who is the Creator of all life!

Chad and Heather said...

What a wonderful Savior and Comforter we have in our God. I can't imagine your anguish, but as I prayed for you, Jodee, Mikayla and Jada I knew that our Lord would give your peace and an incredible love for your baby. We love you all.