Monday, February 26, 2007

3.7 miles today

Yep, that's what we walked @ Riverside park. What an accomplishment, and boy, did we feel good afterwards. Well, not TOO good b/c we made some fudge a few nights ago. rats. To our credit, we shared with our pastor and his wife. phew.

Thank you, Christy, for putting a new pic of me and baby girl up!! Pretty soon, we'll need a new one. As hot as it was today, that snow is sure to melt:-) I do wish I had some sort of computer skills. I can type a mean letter on MWord, but that's about it.

I had horrible time today making fish. I bought some cod and thought I could accomplish great things by baking it. Not so. Let's just say that we ended up having cereal for lunch, and we were very happy to do so. Jody hugged me and said I was a good cook, etc. So, that made me feel lots better.

I got an invite tonight. Hooray. I'm not quite sure yet what all it will entail, but with CC and my parents and Mikayla, it's bound to be a blast. I'll have to give an update after then fun ends. I know everyone's itching to know more.

I'm off to get some housework, reading, and resting done. Probably in that order.

"I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me."
-Proverbs 8:17

ps. Misty, if you're reading this, please tell Mike it's time for a new memory verse


Emmie said...

Allow me to be the first and share the love. Nice having you at the house with Migs, the Papa, and CC! Yay! Good job on the walking. I'm doing mine on the 5 acres.

Hope you have a great evening! LUBS!

Anonymous said...

Good job with walking!! I have major trouble with almost anything that I cook, but especially fish, so I never cook it. It's good for you and Mike loves it, but I cannot pull it off.

Laura said...

WOW. ok, i did 5 whole minutes on the eliptical...does that count for anything? plus an hour of PIYO... good for you! that's quite an accomplishment.

Laura said...

i did 8 minutes of the eliptical today thank you very much...along with 33 on the tread and weights...see? i'm gettin all competitive on ya. ok, enough. but it is fun.

Grace said...

hey there girl. sorry it took me so long to comment. in a bit of a blogger's funk. good job on exercising. it's 12:49 am so i'd better get to bed since abby is starting to love getting up at 5 or 6. that's not too much sleep. anyhow, love you. tell mig that i hope she feels better soon.