Friday, June 09, 2006

Here are a few faces of my baby girl.


Christy said...

You know, I love baby Mikayla almost as much I love blogspot.. Well, maybe more! Ha ha ha...

Hey, your post finally showed up! Yeah, only like 5 hours later. Wow, that might be a new blogspot record.

I'm thinking of calling my next post, "Ode to Blogspot". What do you think???

Did I mention I love Mikayla?!?!

I love you too.

And Mingus.

And Jody.

I was thinking.. who needs to sleep in on a Saturday when there's free Dublin! Dr. Pepper... I'll call you later.


Did I mention how much I love Blogsot? I didn't think so. Grrr.

sarahdodson said...

Hey, don't be mean. Blogspot is like the best, ok? Yes, my post showed up- surprised?? :) Hope you can make it to the place of free Dr. Pepper ~ I'm stoked!

Christy said...

Well, at least we have matching sinking links! ;)

sarahdodson said...

when will out stinking links shrink (back up to the top)like Rebekah's did???

Rebekah said...

Ok, you two crack me up!!!!
It took my link a LONG time to slink, so I guess you'll have to just wait it out!
Mikayla is looking cuter and cuter!

sarahdodson said...

We ARE crazy, Rebekah. Sorry:) Hopefully our links will catch up to yours. You need to join us sometime for a Ladies' night out!

Christy said...

That's what I was just commenting to her.. she needs to join us for LNO or walking. :)

And we ARE crazy. But it's fun! :)