Sunday, June 11, 2006


I try not to make a habit of keeping yummy/carbonated/caffeine-loaded/sugary drinks in my house; know why? 'Cause I'll drink them. So, getting one is a treat for me. This evening, my dearest! Joseph went and got me a wild cherry pepsi. Yum. So, yes, I did drink the whole 20 oz. Tomorrow's another day, right?


Christy said...

SARAH!!!!!! I leave you alone for one day and look what happens... *shakes head* And I didn't even drink a Big Red today.. Oh well, like you said, tomorrow's a new day! (I'll prob take one of my moms for on my way home!) :)

Who thinks TJ and Percy were up to no-good while I was away???

sarahdodson said...

Hope you're not too disappointed. We're still friends, right? Jody's off to get the piano- yay! See you this evening, Lord willing! 3 miles today- we can do it (walking, of course).