Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm in awe

I'm in awe of the family the Lord has blessed me with. We had a fun photo shoot tonight. One of our dear friends had a wonderfully patient attitude and did some family photos for us. THANK YOU! This is a very special "batch" of pictures for me. I look forward to putting them into a neat collage frame that I got from a newly married young lady :o)

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Misty said...

Oh Sarah you and your babies look beautiful! Joseph looks like he is ready to start school:) love you

laurad said...

love these!

Christy said...

I absolutely LOVE these!!! Joseph does look so old!! I want a copy of the one of him and Kaba, okay??

Speaking of family pictures.. Johnny stubbornly says we don't have time. I'll wrangle him up evening.. if you're game.. and if not, then I guess it'll just be me and the kids, but I want some!

Love. Have a good day.

Lovies for baby Dodson!!

Christy said...

*some evening

Heather said...

Beautiful family!

Anonymous said...


You have a precious family!! You are truly blessed! All glory to God!

I enjoyed your parents tonight!! Would love for you to drop in when you are in town. Let me know and you can come and let the kids play!!

His by Grace