Monday, August 31, 2009

2nd Tuesdays on hold

How to begin... Greetings! Thanks for not giving up on me :o) Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks pregnant- wowzers! I'm so thankful that this pregnancy has gone so well. I'm just now starting to get heartburn, which is not the greatest feeling, but that's about the worst of it. Thankfully the weather is starting to get a bit cooler *yay*. I get SO HOT about 5pm-ish. And of course, that's about supper time for us. I'm glad to have a good air conditioner- phew!

It's SO nice having my parents live closer. I'll take Coleman over Winters any day! We were able to go there last night and have blueberry pancakes and bacon with them. Yum! I sure love my parents; they just celebrated their 34th anniversary. I'm so thankful to have parents who are still together and NEVER want to take that for granted!

2nd Tuesday are now on hold. The one little faithful "member" has started a Tuesday school, so we will, Lord willing, start up again sometime after the baby comes. I totally enjoyed the sessions we did get to have!

I finally got to start our study on Joseph in our Sunday school class this past Sunday. I absolutely LOVE the story of Joseph. and I love the name. In fact, all the guys in my house have the name ;o) We're getting to closer and closer to meeting our newest little baby. I'm getting kinda excited. I even found 2 blankets at IKEA that will work for a boy or girl. On the 21st of Sept we have a 3-D ultrasound scheduled. I'm stoked to see pics of our baby! You know how I love pics! :o)

Our vehicle is back with the mechanic. HOPEFULLY he can find the problem promptly. I always miss when I don't have a vehicle. Somehow, though, I tend to get more done around the house... go figure. I guess that's the latest around here. I LOVE my family. The Lord is SO GOOD to us!


Emmie said...

I enjoyed hearing you teach on second Tuesdays! What a blessing you are. May God use those lessons in the lives of those little ones! We could do that every Sunday night, just like before, remember? Love you so much, dear dotter! And can't wait to "see" Precious! Bring the Kleenex!

Misty said...

Oh Sarah, think of the fun we could have if we lived closer:( I would love to come to your second Tuesday's with my crew!

As far as the 3D ultrasound, they are very neat! We had that with Beth. God is so good, think of that tiny baby forming inside of you, amazing! love you

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