Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ethan Henry- 3 months

Christy and fam came to keep me company today. I've been a bit lonely having no vehicle and having to stay home b/c of the new roof being done. So, I definitely welcomed the visit. We decided to do a little photo shoot of the cutest baby in town. Well, at least that's MY opinion ;o)

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Emily said...

He is very cute.;)

Abigail said...

oh he IS cute! :o)

Vivian said...

Tell him he has 4 months to enjoy the title, and then it's going to MY BABY GRAND! (And I haven't even seen s/he yet! What could I be thinking?!)

TOMORROW! Come see me, Miss I-Have-A-Car-Now! Break out of your comfort zone and see the house fixed up and put away nicely.


Grace said...

Christy. Please do not take this wrong, but your son is THE CUTEST BABY EVER!!! good grief! I miss him and he's going to be so big when I see him again :( please send him up with Sarah and peewee this evening. I promise to return him in better condition than I got him. If that's possible. And oh yeah, good job, photog Sarah! I get to see you in 12 hours! Now that's cool! Love you chicadees!!!

Christy said...

Henry's trying his best to stay modest... Thanks for thinking him so cute. We sure do, also.. !!

Grace, I WISH I WAS COMING TO SEE YOU. Henry does too. But alas.. Maybe some day. I hope you all have fun! :)

Love you, Sarah.

Shaunna said...

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