Thursday, February 26, 2009


I know my life is good. I have been blessed more than I could ever express, esp. in this little post. But there is something in my life that is lacking and I'm feeling it- very much. I really miss exercising. When I just had one child, I could take her and walk with her whenever I wanted. Now I have two children (!), and it's quite challenging for me to get any exercise. I've even made up my own "tile dance." While the kids are sitting at the table I put on some music and start "dancing" using the tile on our kitchen floor as a guide where to put my feet next- ha ha ha! It's kinda like a chess board... You should see the way they look at me; it's quite amusing for them. :)

That being said, I'm on the lookout for a double jogging stroller so that I can walk/jog with my children. I'm even contemplating getting a gym membership for 2 months to get me jump started. So, do you know of anyone wanting to sale a double jogging stroller? If so, let me know, ok?

I struggle with these feelings of restlessness. Am I not being content where I'm at? I know the Lord wants me to take care of my body. I am bought with a price! 1 Corinthians 6:20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's. I don't want exercise to be a god/idol in my life. I just want to have a good balance and feel good physically.


Thanks for the comments on my recent collage. I have fun doing them. I use Picasa. A terrific photo program. Just go to , and download for FREE picasa 3, and then the fun begins! If it works with my super slow dial up internet, I'm sure it will work for anyone:)


Vivian said...

I feel your pain. Get out the elliptical trainer and put it where? In the living room by the window. Can't wait to get away and have some time together! Love you!

Misty said...

I have a double jogging stroller that we bought off craigslist when we lived in Atlanta. We use it anytime we go for a walk or to the park and I love it. It is so light weight and if you are not careful it will almost go by itself, they are nice. As far as exercise..... I am trying to be faithful at walking. It is way to cold for out side, but I can go to the gym or the pride hanger for free. At the gym they also have a nice room just for moms with kids where they can play in this gated area and I can still watch them!!! How nice is that! So far Mike has been able to keep them and I have not had to take them yet, but it is crazy nice. It does seem to get harder with each kid to make much time for yourself. Wish you were closer and we could walk together! Sorry this is more like an e mail:)