Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Better than ever!

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Laura said...

what a cute arrangement!

Mamasita tan linda said...

That's what I call a BREAK! More like a tiny tear (tare-tear). Hope you enjoyed it. Love the pics; you are getting good at those collages--think what you could do with my new zoom lens.... :)

I'll be seeing you soon! Yippee! Love forever.

PS What's the 27th?

Chad said...

Congrats on the anniversary. Looks like things went wonderfully!

Shaunna said...

This is really pretty...How do you do all this fancy picture stuff??

Glad my post made you smile:)

Jamie Butts said...

I love the scene in Fireproof (I'm guessing you've seen it) where the husband is wrestling with wanting to look at computer pornography. Then, he prays and bashes his computer and takes it to the trashcan and puts roses in the place where the computer was. Did you like the movie? (Not asking about acting or whatnot.) I did. I cried a lot. :)