Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Have YOU ever paid $6.49 for a gallon of milk???? Well, I hadn't- until today. I had estimated our total at Kroger to be around $22 or so. So, when the cashier told me my total was over $25 I was kinda surprised and on our way out was checking my receipt. I thought I bought the milk that was 2/$6. Not even. I bought the Gandy's milk. I'm half expecting to choke on diamonds as we drink it. I mean, some of these frugal blogs I read spend that much to feed their families for a week! Unbelievable. I was not feeling good enough to turn around and make it all right. oh well.

Ever seen Homeland Security? My husband is watching it right now. We taped it from last night. Anyway, I love how new shows will say ALL NEW!... Of course it's all new. It's only the second show!

Anyway. My mom bought me a new sd card. Isn't that so special?! I love that lady.

Good night. Careful which milk you choose. It could end up costing you- big!


Vivian said...

Stay away from those cow horomones! Unhealthy for your wallet, apparently. Wowie. Love you! Call me. Did Jody say Yes?

Misty said...

That is crazy! We can get milk at the commisary for $1.50 and at walmart for $2.50 a gallon. Some things are crazy cheap here and others are way too much!! love you

Laura said...


Leila said...

Wow - I agree. I was going to boycott "cheap" milk because of hormones, but the expensive stuff is just wayyyy too much!