Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well, it was bound to happen

This evening I burnt supper. Yuck. And we ate it anyway. My Joseph was so sweet about it. He said that it wasn't bad for cooking for him almost 9 years. Now our house stinks. I let Mikayla have some cereal instead being the reasonable (ha!) mother that I am.

Then we drove to Dairy Queen and drowned our supper sorrows with 2 small blizzards; one strawberry cheesequake and the other chocolate xtreme. Yum! Boy, the price of those things has sure gone up!

Looks like we'll be heading to Louisiana in a few days. I'm terribly excited about our stay there. We hope to all be feeling better so we can tackle the trip this weekend.

Has anyone ever watched I Survived? It's on the biography channel. Pretty neat show.


Amanda said...

burnt supper... aw... :( but DQ makes up for everything!!!!

Grace said...

how cute that you burnt supper! you should have called me if you needed some advice on how long to cook something:) that's one of my specialties, you know. but i know you just did it so jody would feel sorry for you and bring you to DQ. by the way, what was it you burned? spaghetti quesadillas? well, call me in the morning. i'll be home i think. trying to get my house clean. it's gotten a little out of control. tomorrow's a new day, though, right? of course, we'll probably just be out shopping all day:) but still, try calling anyways. love you!

Ems said...

If all the sorrows you have to drown is a burnt supper, you are blessed indeed! God is good. And I love you like crazy! Good job on Psalm 103; I'm just getting to verse 8.

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

aww sarah how dare you. just kidding but yummy dq and hope ya have a great safe trip. (:)

Mrs. Walker said...

Just a note--if you like blizzards, you should for sure sign up at DQ's website for their blizzard lovers' club. They send you coupons for blizzards! We love those things, but they are expensive. But we get the BOGO coupons and go crazy! hehe