Thursday, December 11, 2008

A date with Sarah

Yes, that would be me. I had a date with myself, and boy, was it ever enjoyable! My precious husband (who is the object of my affection) so kindly let me have the evening off. Here's what occupied my evening:

*to the mall for a haircut- I was nervous b/c the girl who usually did my hair MOVED. I was so sad, but another lady hopped right in. Boy, she new what she wanted to do with my hair. "you have a big forehead," she told me. Somehow she said it just right and did not offend me. So, she gave me...bangs. well, sorta. They're the kind that go to the side. Her name was Rose, which totally did not match her personality. funny:) I'll be back!

*Chick-Fil-A! where I ordered a #1 with lemonade. Quite delicious. I know, I know it was fried food, but I don't have it too often and it was good. While there I practiced and nailed down! Psalm 8. I'm doing the Bible memorization thing I mentioned before and I've finally got this chapter memorized. Such a blessing it's been! This lady kinda gave me a funny look. I was sitting in the back all by my lonesome with my Bible and I was writing out the chapter and saying it to myself quietly. I probably looked kinda strange. But mainly b/c I'm trying to get used to these bangs, so I was probably tossing my hair a lot. ha!

*Peddlers, JcPenney

I was going to head to Big Lots, but Jody does not like for me to be out at night by myself. So, I just came home an hour early. My little family was happy to see me. I'm so thankful for them!

Next time, maybe somebody can come with me on my date with Sarah. Like MOM or GRACE. Just a thought.

good night, friends.


Misty said...

Oh Sarah date nights with yourself are so nice and needed, I enjoy them!! love you and happy you got the night out.

Vivian said...

If I only had an invite. I distinctly heard the word "alone." I'm still trying to get over it. Can't wait to see the bangs in person! That's what happens when you eat firecrackers--I told you! Love!

Laura said...

what a sweet husband! of the hair cut!

Anonymous said...

Those kinda nights sure are niiice.


Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

glad you had a good alone time. .(:)