Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who needs a Maytag repair man anyway?

Not me!

We were having some serious issues with our refrigerator- it was leaking and getting water, water everywhere! Instead of calling for help, my husband fixed it right up. I'm terribly proud of him:)

It's been many moons since I've posted, eh?

I'm still frustrated that I have like 6 cameras and can't post a single picture. sigh. It's like poetic justice or something. Like that Twilight Zone where the guy who LOVED to read finally got his wish and was surrounded by tons of books. Then he accidentally broke his glasses. I feel just like that;)

I got treated to lunch today. My mom's the greatest. Chicken Express has some dee- lish strips. So tender and good. Poor Grannybear is not doing well. She basically said she's ready to die. And while it's good to be ready to die, it just makes me sad to hear that.

Tomorrow's ladies' lunch out @ the Turtle. If you're reading this, you're more'n welcome to come join us. Mikayla's not invited. Instead she's going to spend some time with my dad:)

Off to the bbq. I'm bringing fruit salad. Hope you have a good eve!


dramaturge said...

How is the photo upload portion of blogger set up? Is it a direct upload? If not, you might be able to upload your pics to something like Flikr or Photobucket and then use the < img > < /img > tags (without spaces) bracketing the photo link to post them.

This is Renee, btw. :-)

ld said...

I can show ya how this weekend if you like?

Heather said...

Heard you will be in town this weekend. Where are you staying?

Misty said...

Sure do wish I could help you with the pictures, but thanks so much for trying! I sure miss you and your precious family. Be sure to give those kids lots of kisses from me. Way to go Jody! Mike did the same thing with our dryer the other day, I was so proud of him! And yes chicken express is SO good! Wish I could join you all for a ladies night out:( Love you

Grace said...

how neat. instead of us being able to look at the same star at night, we were eating chicken express at the same time yesterday. i feel so connected to you. well, i'm sorry i'm the 5th commenter. ouch. i didn't think i procrastinated that much. love you and maybe i'll see you soon. we'll see. love you.