Monday, March 10, 2008

Slightly frustrated

So, I've tried to post pictures and I'm not succeeding. Grrr. Sorry you couldn't see my last one. I'm not doing so well with updates due to my lack of time/sleep. But! I love my family and am truly enjoying my new son. Sigh. He likes me! :) I tell myself that- ha!

I'm taking yet another PHOTOTGRAPHY CLASS starting next Thursday!!! Wheee:) I really like those things, for some reason. My mom is going to join me, along with another gal. How fun! Jody asked me how it'd work with feeding (Joseph). I told him that I'd make it work.

Our house is almost ready to sell. Anyone interested? ;)

AND, last but certainly not least, Jody and I have a date night planned for Friday. My dad so kindly volunteered my mom to watch Joseph and Mikayla while we watch the HPU girls play in the finals at the Bwd Coliseum (sp??). Anyone want to double date?? :)

I'm off to feed my son soon. See ya later!

I'm going to try right quickly to post my new favorite picture. deep breath.
another failed attempt. oh well. good night!


Grace said...

thanks for the "update." i loved it. sure hope the picture is there in the morning. can't wait to see it. thanks for calling and i wish i could go to your date night with you. love you.

Misty said...

Mike and I would love to join you for a double date! Your kids are sure beautiful!love you

Vivi said...

Wow! Jillies-on-the-spot! Do y'all stay up all night so you can comment?

Love you, sis. See you later.

Heather said...

my picture portion of the blog isn't working either. glad things are going well.

Amanda said...

photography class? that is so cool!! I would love to do that someday!