Saturday, March 22, 2008

I interupt this blog to bring you the next child prodigy, Mikayla Dodson. Her wonderful Auntie Laura (that would be me) prepared her palette in an array of colors, drew her water, handed over the brush and Voila! The rest is history. She had a few messy artistic moments but those were quickly taken care of by her attentive Aunt.
We are sooo happy the Early's could come for a visit. Y'all are welcome anytime.


Vivi said...

Miss My-Hair-Is-A-Fright sure is fun! (She gets the "doo" from Emmie.) Miss you! Love to the babies.

Grace said...

that's so neat! are you going to hang it up? that would be cute. i feel like the mom is never the first one to get a messy picture out of their kid. it's always an aunt or friend. maybe abby can come visit aunt laura for her first painting. that would be MESSY. and how neat that the boys like your kids. it makes it so much nicer to visit. but seriously, come visit us every now and again. love you and thanks for the post.

Misty said...

Yes come for a visit Sarah! Thanks for the beautiful pics you sent of your children. Love you