Saturday, February 09, 2008

The story of Joseph's birth

Wow. What an original title, eh? Let me start off by saying that if you are a male and reading this, you probably will not be too interested in what will follow. Just thought I'd throw that in. I mainly want to type this out so I'll have it recoreded but also to share with anyone interested in hearing a birthing story. I know I love to read about other's experiences, esp. when I was pregnant:) So, here goes:

My due date was Saturday, February 2nd. At my last appt we'd decided that if I didn't start labor by Tuesday, February 5th, that they'd induce. I really wanted to go into labor on my own, but honestly thought I'd end up being induced. On the night of January 28th before I went to bed, I heard Mikayla kinda crying in her bed. So, I went into her room, smoothed her hair, tried to comfort her, and I thought (for some reason) that it'd be one of the last times I'd get to do that before the new baby comes. It was a sweet time, and when I look back now, it's interesting that I would've thought that b/c I was right!

I went to bed that night feeling normal. I woke up around 1:45am with my back feeling the exact same way it did when I went into labor with Mikayla. (Believe me, that's a feeling you DON'T just forget) But, it felt like more toward the end of my labor with Mikayla. So, I wondered if it was the real thing or if it was false labor. I did NOT want a false alarm mainly b/c Jody and work and my mom and work (she was subbing for that week and was the one I was supposed to call to come watch Mikayla when it was "time"). Plus, it was quite early in the morning. So, I waited and breathed through the contractions and prayed and wondered when/if I should wake up Jody. So, around 2:15 as the contractions intensified, I decided to wake up Jody so he could help me figure out what to do. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was sleeping:) duh. And then I told him that it might be his last day of work for a while. So, I encouraged him to pack his bags (I'd packed mine the night before).

I was in pain and moaned a bunch. Jody turned on the computer to compare false labor with the real thing. He then started timing the contractions and soon they were getting to be a minute apart and lasting for a minute. Phew! He called the nurse in L&D, and asked her about it, and she said she could hear me in the background (oops!) and said it sounded like the real thing. So, I waited until a contraction ended and called my beautiful mommy, and she got over here in a hurry (thank, ma!). My contractions were very regular and very intense, and when one would hit, I'd have to curl up or drop to the floor. So, when my mom got here, she took a pic of me (quite flattering, as you can imagine) and we headed out.

Jody put on his flashers (go, Jody!) and we made our way to the hospital. He didn't drive any faster than normal (actually I think he drove slower-seriously), so I'm not quite sure why he would put on the flashers. It's kinda funny thinking about it. :) We arrived at the hospital around 5:30am, and we walked very slowly in, pausing regualarly for contractions where Jody would just hold/hug me and get me through it. The maintenance guy was so cute asking us if we needed a wheelchair. I smiled and said no. He said, I can just get you one. no, thanks. He then walked over to the elevator and asked, 2nd floor? Yes. So, he pushed the button for us and we thanked him. I guess he's seen his share of women in labor:) (I'm noticing I'm typing lots of smileys- I was NOT smiling much that morning)

We got checked into the room and the nurse checked me and then asked another nurse to come check me. Then she asked me, you haven't had any urge to push? I told her no. She then told me that I was a 7 or 8. Then I got happy that it WAS real labor and they wouldn't be sending me home. Phew! She asked me if I wanted an epidural. YES!!!!!! I sure did. So, someone drew some blood and left. Meanwhile I'm in excruciating pain. I don't say that to be dramatic or to scare anyone who may be having a baby soon. (sorry) And I think it's great that women want to have all natural births, but I'm just not one of them. If I have a headache and want relief I can take tylenol and it helps. How much more having A BABY COME OUT OF YOU???? Of course I want relief. (sorry again)

So, the doctor comes and tells me it's too late for an epidural and I'm screaming all sorts of things. Yes, sad to say, I was screaming things such as SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!, THIS.HURTS.SO.BAD!!!!!!! DR, PLEASE PERFORM A MIRACLE AND TAKE THIS BABY OUT OF ME!!!!, and I.CAN'T.DO.THIS. I'm serious. Then I'm a 10 and I say, I HAVE TO PEE! Immediately after that I say, I HAVE TO POO!! (With Mikayla I never felt the urge to push b/c I never felt anything. I was given too much meds at the wrong time. I'd always heard of women talking about HAVING TO PUSH and never quite got it until then) I HAD TO PUSH.

With all my yelling going on my super calm doctor said, now, Sarah, instead of using your energy to scream, use that energy to push. ha ha ha! I wanted to kick him right out of that room and the nurses, too. So, I really tried to concentrate on breathing and pushing (not easy to do). I gave about 3 good pushes and my son was born. Beautiful little guy. I cried out of thankfulness for him and was so relieved that it was over. He was born @ 6:36 am, a little over an hour after we got to the hospital.

And, if the Lord chooses to give us another child, I want an epidural. I'd much rather have a quick sting in my back than what I went through. I'm not tough and I don't pretend to be. :) People say, well, you feel good now, had a good recovery and don't have headaches. I'm sorry, but for me, there's no comparison. I praise the Lord for a good and FAST labor and delivery of our son. It happened just the way God intended and He was very merciful and gracious to me. I must add that Jody wins the award for kindest/most helpful/most encouraging/precious husband on earth. And what a father he is to our children. I thank the Lord for him.

Thanks for reading this long story. Sorry if it's TMI (too much info).


Christy said...

Ah, memories... I love you. :) I only wish everyone reading your story could HEAR you tell it.. I'm making you a gold star of courage someday when I feel like being crafty. Lovies!!

Vivi said...

Sweet dotter! I MISS you! My body just CRINGES reading this. I KNOW. I love the wheelchair part. Neat guy, eh? The good news is: We have a BABY! And a precious one at that, with a dear big sister. See you soon, I hope. Thanks for the story. LUBS!

Grace said...

oh, i wish i had been there!!! i would have been the second nicest person in the room to you. i promise. i'm so happy that it went "well" (fast) and that your recovery was quick. thanks for calling me afterwards. and i could listen to this story over and over. thanks for sharing. love you.

laura said...

ROFLOL!!! I'd now like to know your definition of screaming because not once have I ever heard you raise your voice. I am so cracking up...not that you were in pain but the mental picture I have of you screaming willy nilly is just too much to bear. (I also picture Jeff telling me that the enitre hallway could hear me give birth to Joshua--yep, I was loud.) But I'm loud anyway. I am so sorry you didn't get your epi in time. WAKE YOUR DH UP SOONER, why don't you? (Of course, I did the same thing.) Loves and hugs and so glad your sweet boy is here!

Heather said...

I am definitely glad I was able to get an epidural. The pushing part of my labor was 2.5 hours. Sorry you weren't able to get an epidural, but now you have Joesph. What a blessing!

Misty said...

I am so sad you had to go through so much pain for this precious baby boy! I am so thankful however that your labor did move quickly, just wait for the next one it may be even faster! Love you

Jamie Butts said...

I haven't read this post yet, but it was strangely encouraging to me. There are a lot of "it's more spiritual to go natural" people around the seminary, although they wouldn't word it quite like that.
I never think I quite agree with them. You (and Heather's agreement in the comment section) encouraged me in a weird way to not feel guilty about wanting an epidural, should the Lord grant children. :)
Love to you!

Jamie Butts said...

I meant to say I haven't read all of this post... I had just skimmed, but now I have.
That does sound rough. Yea for the reward at the end of your hard labor... such a sweet boy. Love you!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Love the story.