Sunday, February 03, 2008

Enjoying my children

I'm back! What a week it's been. Not a week ago, we met our son. And it feels like he's always been a part of us. I LOVE BEING A MOTHER.

Today was our first outing, and we went to church. Little Joseph behaved (we won't speak of Mikayla right now...) and was admired by our sweet church family. We even got a family picture made - thanks, DJ!- that I wish I could post. Maybe soon.

My in-laws are due to arrive here by about 11 this evening. We are REALLY looking forward to spending a week with them. What precious folks they are. My hubby is working like mad to get this house in order so I'll feel good about it (actually so his mommy won't get on to him about not taking care of it;). He's GREAT! My floor is mopped, and I didn't do it! :)

Life is pretty nice these days. Filled with dirty diapers and lots of love. Having my husband off for 2 weeks is just dreamy. Ahhh... Sleep is cherished when gotten. I'm sure Jean (my mother-in-law) will let me get some good naps in:) She's just that way. AND, sometime this week, I want to type out the story of my labor/delivery. What a story it is! I can say that the Lord was once again so faithful and good.

Ok, I've finished this post and my ice cream, so I guess I'd better get ready to feed my little guy. He's absolutey precious!!!!!!! Today I was talking to him and just looking at him and my tears kept plopping down on his face, and he didn't mind. So sweet. More later!


Christy said...

First comment!!!! Wooooo Hooooo. Good thing I caught you online, eh? ;)

So so many things to say.. I LOVE your children so much. I can't believe I ever got along without them.. what did I used to do??? Even though Mikayla isn't at the most fun stage of life, she is absolutely, without question, one of my greatest joys in this life. And I'm sure Joseph will be too. I'm glad our bonding has already began.. that little guy is precious, as you say. What a neat boy, that he doesn't even mind your tears falling on him. What a guy. I hope to give him some smooches tomorrow when I return you from our "date". Hopefully Mikayla will feel like being kind to me for a change.. but if not I'll just hold her down for a smooch. She'll thank me someday. lol (And if I have to, I am not above bribing her with "tack".)

I was thinking today about how neat it is that Jody can take two weeks off and be with his family when you have babies. That is so awesome. I'm sure there aren't many men who can (or would even want to). I'm so happy for the way the Lord has provided for you. I LOVE it. How nice of him to mop for you.. What a guy he is, too. Now we know where little Joseph gets it. Yep.

Have a good night. Perhaps you will dream about Sonic slushes... ;)


Vivi said...

We love to cry about our babies, don't we? I did a lot of that, too. Miracle. Love to you and yours and JoJo.

Grace said...

oh, and he is a sweet one!!! i'm so jealous that you just get to sit there and kiss him and hug him and love on him. i can love him all i want, i just can't love ON him. and that's really sad. love you and hope you really enjoy the family visiting. call any time.

Misty said...

What a beautiful gift babies are, I am rejoicing with you. love you

Amanda said...

Can't wait to hear your story! And ice cream! YUM!

Heather said...

Congratulations. You're little Joseph is so sweet. I hope Caleb and Joseph can meet some day! I hope all is going well!