Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Birthday, my Joseph!

The birthday dinner was a (warm) success. My mom and CC nearly passed out b/c it was so hot in our house- SORRY:( Hopefully, this blog will include a recent pic of our family, thanks to Christy:). How blessed I am!

Highlights of the party:

  1. 1. My family claims they liked the meal
  2. 2. Mom and CC DIDN'T pass out
  3. 3. The cake wasn't too rich, like I'd thought it would be
  4. The banana is turning a very nice shade of yellow, which will allow it to be in Jody's lunch tomorrow!
  5. Cleanup is finally over- Good night!


Vivi said...

The banana was looking good, and the meal was tasting even better! Excellent! Thank you. I hope my wilting didn't discourage you too much. Thanks for a great evening, as usual. Tell Jody the brace is REALLY helping! Best it's felt in a LONG time! I love you! And Birthday Boy, and BABY GIRL! Thanks!

Vivi said...

PS Nice pic!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

OOH - so.. I got your blog link the other day, but it was at work (I think) and I forgot to go back and read! I have catching up to do. I'll be adding yours to my link list. Know that I love you. Can't wait to meet your Baby Girl!!

Grace said...

How exciting to see a picture of the family. It's so sad to be this far away. I'm glad everything turned out okay with the meal. Happy birthday Joseph. We here in GA love baby girl. And thanks for not trying to be witty;) That would have been disasterous. Love you.

Laura said...

:o) sweet family pic. now. i hope jeff called his little bro. i 'reminded' him... actually, he remembered and i said, 'did you call?'

yay for banana.

Rebekah said...

Good news on that banana! :D
Happy Birthday, Joseph!
What a sweet family you have! I love the picture! Mikayla is SO precious!

Cole said...

Hey Sarah!
Becca told me about your blog. Just thought I would pop in and say hi to you!!!
Also I just wanted to say your precious baby girl looks so sweet! Hope to meet her someday soon!
Love to all ya'll