Thursday, May 25, 2006

Blast from the past

While casually watching the 10 o' clock news on KTAB this evening, I spotted Mrs. Priddy- one of my favorite teachers from Panther Creek. What a treat that was! She's looking as good as ever. I don't know who I liked better- Mrytie or Debbie... hmmm..both great teachers! I obviously never called them by their first names, but now I can- hahahahaha. (Like they'd care or something)

Yes, Rebekah, I think I WAS overly attached to that banana. It was consumed today finally by my dh. I did make banana bread today- yay! We like banana bread at our house. I made two; one for in the morning when my parents and Christy come for a visit. And one for the Hamiltons. I promise I WILL have at least one post that doesn't have the word banana in it; this is getting ridiculous!

Lord willing, we'll be going to San Antonio on Saturday morning to visit the Hamiltons for a few days, then head over to Seguin to visit Jody's brother and family. Hopefully the drive will go ok with Baby Girl. I think it will. I can just see the amount of things we're going to be packing for 3 days. We're already heavy packers. Jody suggested taking the swing, which is HUGE. NO. He's so funny:)

Jody and I told ourselves to not always be looking forward to when Baby Girl does this or that, but to enjoy every moment with her. And we still want to do that. However, we both kinda shyly told each other that we won't mind when she sleeps through the night... is that so bad?! Don't get me wrong; I LOVE getting up with her and looking at her and feeding her. I MISS MY SLEEP! It's worth it a million times over.

Off to bed. Hopefully rest is in my future this evening. I want to take Mikayla for a 3 mile walk in the morning. Hope we feel up to it. What are the odds??? (When we walk, we usually go 2 miles, so we'll see).

Buenas Noches! (sp?)


Vivi said...

Banana be gone! Yay! I love you in the morning, sis! I wlll be in better spirits when you see me next. GAK! Mikayla sleeps better than I do! See you soon!

Rebekah said...

Well, glad that banan has met it's end! I'm sure it was a little sad to see it go! ;)

We'll be in SA this weekend, too. If you stay through Sunday, I'll get to see you!'s pretty funny we have to drive four hours away to see each other!

I hope Baby Girl does well on the trip, but I know either way, you'll enjoy the new experience with her. I understand COMPLETELY about the whole packing thing...I went through that for a long time with my own little's hard to figure out what all you will need for a baby! How many diapers to take??? How many outfits??? Toys??? blankets??? crib???? etc, etc, etc!!! Have fun though! You'll love getting to show her off to new people!

Maybe I'll see you around CBC!
Love ya!

Laura said...

good gravy chile~

yes!look forward to baby m sleeping through the night. you will be sooooo alert during the day, you'll feel like a new mama.

can't wait to see y'all! OH, did you get the message i left on the machine that i have to go to a grad party sun. evening? i cannot miss it. emily has asked like a gazillion times if i am going so i need to...but y'all come and rest and hang out here while the boys and i are there. HEY! you can SLEEP!

sarahdodson said...

Vivi- you were in great spirits today; thanks for the watermelon and for finding me those dis. diaper bags- goooo, Vivi!

Rebekah- hope to see you SA. We're planning on being @ CBC also on Sunday- yay:) it IS crazy to know what to pack. Baby Girl spits up SO much I feel like I have to bring about 20 burp cloths.

Laura- yes, I got your message; totally understandable about the party; glad we can still come:) Rest sounds so good right now. I'm off to email you about the key.

Christy said...

Why was the Deb on the news??

Anyway, chick.. I cannot believe that I am not going to see Mikayla, I mean you, for like three whole days!! GAK! Oh well, I guess I have to learn to share sometime. Why not now? ;) I love you. Have a safe trip.

P.S. Don't forget to take a picture of me with you on the trip... Just in case Mikayla misses me too much and needs to see my face. Better safe than sorry! <3

sarahdodson said...

she was on the news with Cojo; a kid from PC, I THINK he was in the medical miracles that have been airing on KTAB news at night. I'll try to remember the pic for Baby M. We'll miss ya! Love you!

Christy said...

Hey chickie... I put your pic on your profile (surprise!) but ummmm... it still doesn't show up. I don't know why.. when I previewed it, it showed up, but then after I saved it and republished it.. nothing! Rats!! I guess I'm no help to you and Pwe at all when it comes to pics... I don't know what else to do.

In other news.. I'll see ya later!! ;) Lord willing.