Thursday, October 08, 2009

2 months away!

29 weeks pregnant- 29 years old
30 weeks pregnant- 30 years old
31 weeks pregnant- still 30 years old- phew!

I'm glad THAT trend didn't continue ;o) All's well here. The kiddos are growing and so is their mommy's tummy. wow. It's like a perfect basketball. Maybe I'll post some pics soon. GRACE and her children are coming for a few day- yayyyyyyy! I'm really looking forward to spending time with her. I miss seeing her :o(.

I felt kinda bad about something I did this evening. I gave up (children) bathing duties. Thankfully I have a very kind and understanding husband. It's not the easiest thing to lean over that tub and scrub my kiddos. Thanks, Jody!! Only a few more weeks, actually more than that, and I'll resume responsibility.

We're supposedly getting a COLD FRONT this evening. I'm so ready for it! I absolutely LOVE the cooler weather. Most of my pregnancy shirts are geared that way. Yay!

I'm due to have this little one 2 months from today. At my last appt. the dr. said if I were to go into labor at 34+ weeks, they wouldn't do anything to stop it. 34 weeks for me is less than 3 weeks away. yikes! The odds of that happening are highly unlikely, but still...

Yawn. Maybe my next post will be a bit more exciting. Like with pictures or something :o) Good night, dear friends!


laurad said...

send the cold thisaway. we tag team bath. jeff baths/drys, i lotion/oil, pj, and teethbrush. efficient i think. soon you'll be back in the game.

Shaunna said...

I'm ready for some cool weather too...It has been hot and sticky here today!!

Blake is always on bath duty at our house;]

Shaunna said...

PS- I just saw you last weekend, and you look GREAT!! I cannot believe you're only 2 months away- YAY!!

Adoption Mama said...

Will continue praying for you and your little one....

Vivian said...

Nothing like aging 40 years in 10 months! So glad the pattern broke!

You're looking beautiful, and so is Precious. Love that preggy glow.

Way to pass the kiddlings to Jody. I recommend it.

See you SOON! Yay--Bubby's coming!

Christy said...

Oh how I love you and that little basketball!!! And you know Aunt Christy is always willing to scrub your kids - any time!!!

So fun being with Grace today!! Love!

Heather said...

I understand about the bathing part. Post those pictures!