Saturday, July 11, 2009


I guess I'm a pretty impatient person. or at least I'm finding that out as time goes on. I'm highly frustrated b/c I can't seem to find summer maternity shirts WITH SLEEVES. I know the average person looks great in a tank top/sleeveless/or really short sleeve shirt, but I do not. And that seems to be all I'm finding. sigh. For now I'm just wearing over-sized t-shirts which are not the most flattering, and I'm rotating them about every 3 days or so. I looked at a JCPenney catalogue with some cute shirts, but they're about 25 bucks each and then you pay for shipping... ends up being about 30 dollars for a shirt. NOT something that's affordable to us right now. Anyone know of a good, inexpensive place to shop for maternity shirts??


Anonymous said...

I owe you an e-mail but wanted to respond to your blog first. Ross should have inexpensive maternity clothes. Also there are a couple of resale shops here that I will check for you. Love you much!!


Shaunna said...

I agree- Ross should have some reasonably priced, cute, maternity shirts WITH sleeves!! (I don't feel like I look so hot in tank tops or sleeveless either, so I can totally relate to your frustration!)

Ross is my fav! It's where I got most of my maternity stuff, and it's where I get most of my NON maternity stuff too!

Hope you find something!

Laura said...

i found some cute, reasonably priced ones at old navy. might be worth the trip. i agree with the others---ross, too. you can sometimes find some shirts that aren't necessarily maternity...but will work!

Mrs. Walker said...

The JCP in Abilene actually carries some maternity clothing. If you shop there and don't find what you want, you can have THEM find and order what you need and supposedly the shipping will be free to the store. I haven't tried it, but this is what I've been told by one of the employees.
Old Navy does have some cute things, but most of their maternity clothing is only available online. At least they have $6 shipping, no matter how much/little you buy.
Also, you might check out They have free shipping to the store, so anything you find will be "normal" price.
Just some ideas. Hope you find what you need!!!

Erin said...

Hey there,
Just thought I would chime in. I just found a couple of super-soft, light weight t-shirts at Target. I just wanted some plain old t-shirts instead of something that I had to iron or tie in the back or whatever. These are super comfy.
If you aren't close to a Target you could check online or I can stick some in the mail for you! I'd be happy to!

lauradodson said...

target has maternity clothing, but don't know if they have sleeves...have you tried on size 16 or so plus sized shirts?

motherhood outlet store may have sales? you could check online? there's one in San Marcos, if you saw something, I could go get it and mail it to you.

ld said...

sent you a link via email to Sears. there are many t-shirts from $10. check it out.

Grace said...

i have an idea!!! come visit me and you can shop at any of these places. 15 minutes to any of these stores :) just trying to have any sort of reason for you to come visit me. never seems to work but worth the shot. love you!