Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Super secret juicy hamburger recipe

This "recipe" is not for those closely watching their fat/calorie intake. So, here goes:

At Walmart I bought a chub (?) of ground beef for $1.88. I believe it's the 73/27 kind- the white 1 lb. one. The fattiest (yikes!) one.

After bringing it home, I divided into fourths, formed some round patties and put some beef fajita seasoning on them and some sea salt. Then I cooked them on the stove med- med/high heat until they were no longer pink, but still very juicy. I then added some American cheese. I teamed it up with a softened hamburger bun, some mayo, lettuce, tomato and a bit of raw sweet onion. DELICIOUS. With our burgers we had some baked bean and tater tots.

So, as you can see, this isn't much of a recipe. BUT, it is the way I'll be making burgers in the future. Try it; you'll like it ;o)


Heather said...

Wow. Not much to that. Definitely worth a try.

Christy said...

Can't wait for the day the Hamiltons are invited over to the Dodsons for hamburgers...

I love you.

I have more squash for you!!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

wow. eww christy sqaush.

Erin said...

Mmmm! We'll give that a shot!