Saturday, June 20, 2009

and before I turned 30

Not to brag or anything, but I did something today that I've NEVER done before. I FINALLY made a good hamburger. Can you believe it's taken me this long??? It was seasoned well, cooked to "perfection," and so yummy and juicy. I'm thrilled. So was my husband :o) Usually my hamburgers turn out very dry and very blah. Just thought I'd share my delight with you all- knowing how much you'd care. I'm excited that I made a good hamburger before I turned THIRTY. Can you imagine turning 30 and never have made a good one? How sad would THAT be?

In other news, I had a lovely Saturday with my family. I absolutely LOVE having my husband home on the weekends. He's such a dear and such a help. Our kiddos love him like crazy. We're both teaching Sunday School tomorrow, which means that I'll have Joseph in mine with me. That always makes for an "interesting" time. ahem. Hope you all have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow. Good night.


Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

aww lol thats good well wished i could lol i am 20 and can't cook that well. say hello tp frozen and mirovable foods lol my husband still loves me anyway (:)

Vivian said...

Yikes! Reva's a WIFE!

Good job on the burger. Just when Dad's going vegetarian. Did you cook it on the grill?

See you later, I hope. Have a blessed Sunday School class, and Jody, too.

I love the Dodsons!

Erin said... should share your hamburger secrets! We all love a good burger :)